COMPLX-701 | 1st International School of Surgical Anatomy (ISSA) Course: Tips and Tricks in Laparoscopic Retroperitoneal Surgical Anatomy to Perform Safe Gynecologic Surgery


Day 2: Monday, November 12 2018


12:30pm – 4:30pm


Room: 118






Marcello Ceccaroni


Jaime Albornoz, Francesco Bruni, Ted T.M. Lee, Javier F. Magrina, Andrea Puppo, Shailesh P. Puntambekar, Giovanni Roviglione, Pere N. Barri Sodevilla, Stefano Uccella

This course has been approved for ABOG Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Part IV


Following the principles taught in the International School of Surgical Anatomy- (ISSA), this hands-on cadaveric course will provide a step-by-step surgical approach to the pelvic viscera, retroperitoneal avascular spaces and pelvic ureters. Emphasis will be put upon identifying anatomical landmarks, including surgical principles and techniques to enter the retroperitoneal avascular spaces. Instruction on techniques for gentle tissue handling to avoid bleeding, proper traction, counter-traction, sharp and blunt dissections while preventing vascular, urinary, bowel and nervous complications. Special care will be given to nerve-sparing techniques during laparoscopic dissection, with demonstration of main pathways of visceral and somatic pelvic innervation. This course includes cadaveric specimen with intact uteri and cervix using laparoscopic instrumentation.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, the clinician will be able to: 1) Recognize the anatomical landmarks and major pelvic structures pertinent to gynecologic laparoscopy and retroperitoneal dissection; 2) apply laparoscopic surgical techniques to enter and expose the avascular spaces of the pelvis, parametrial ligaments, nerves and pelvic vasculature and their relations to the ureter and intraperitoneal structures; and 3) illustrate the step-by-step dissection of the pelvic ureter and pelvic-nerves related to the different gynecological procedures and nerve-sparing techniques for gynecologic cancers and endometriosis surgery.

Course Outline

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