Expert Round Table Luncheons

Day 1: Sunday November 11, 2018

11:15 AM – 12:15 PM |  Location: TBD | Price: $50

PresenterCategoryPresentation Title
Gaby N. MoawadTissue ExtractionNow, how do we get this out? Tissue Extraction and Bagging
Arleen H. SongMyomectomyIntegrating Myomectomy into Your Practice
Francesco BruniSurgical StrategiesSurgical Strategies Today and Tomorrow: Laparoscopic vs Robotic Surgery: What is the Evidence?
Mark W. DasselPelvic PainIt All Starts with Engagement – How to Really Do the History and Physical for Pelvic Pain
Richard W. FarnamSacrocolpopexyRobotic Sacrocolpopexy: Tips and Tricks for Preventing and Managing Complications
Angela ChaudhariTransgender CareSurgical management and Gynecologic Care of the Transgender Patient
Megan N. WassonVaginal SurgeryIncorporating Vaginal Hysterectomy Into Your Surgical Toolbox
Mireille D. TruongPractice ManagementHow Social Media is Changing the Game for Medical Providers
Herb WongObese PatientsLaparoscopic Surgical Considerations and Perioperative Management of Obese Patients
Leslie PoSurgical StrategiesBlood Conservation Strategies in Minimally Invasive Surgery
Jorge F. CarrilloPelvic PainInterventions to Treat Chronic Pelvic Pain
Christopher EswarPelvic PainHow to Set Up a Successful Pelvic Pain Practice
Jose Gerardo Garza LealResearchThe “How” and “Whys” of Research with Medical Device in Gynecology
Yukio SonodaOncologyManagement of the Unexpected Malignancy
Sven BeckerSurgical StrategiesTwenty Points to Avoid any Complications in Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

Day 2: Sunday November 12, 2018

11:15 AM – 12:15 PM |  Location: TBD | Price: $50

PresenterCategoryPresentation Title
Kelli R BeingesserSurgical SkillsClosure of the Colpotomy & Cystotomy: Avoid Dehiscence, Dyspareunia, Enterocele and Apical Prolapse
Jose D. LopezLaparoscopic SuturingAnatomy of the Sutures: Basics of the Different Sutures and Needle Taking, Handling of Suture and Tissues Reapproximation (Spanish)
Pedro F. Escobar-RodriguezSurgical ComplicationsAvoiding, Recognizing and Managing Bowel and Bladder Injury During Gynecologic Surgery
Miriam HanstedeHysteroscopyUpdates in the Management and Treatment of Isthmocele’s and Uterine Septum
S. Sony SinghHysteroscopyKeeping Lawyers and Lifeguards out of your OR: Fluid Management and Hysteroscopic Complications
Marco A. Pinho de OliveiraMyomectomyOne Size Doesn’t Fit All: Surgical Approaches to Myomectomy
Cara R. KingTransgender CareOverview of Transgender Care
G. Bernard TaylorTransgender CareVaginectomy for Female to Male Patients
Christopher S. AwtreyPractice ManagementStrategic Marketing, For the Surgeon, For the Practice
Erin T. CareyCareer PlanningMIGS as a Career, Applying to Fellowship, Etc.
Douglas N. BrownObese PatientsGynecologic Surgery in the Morbidly Obese Patient
Christiano RossittoSurgical StrategiesUltra Minimally Invasive Approaches for Today’s Gynecologic Surgeon
Kimberly LevinsonSingle Site LaparoscopySingle Incision Surgery
Xiaoming GuanNOTESUpdates on Transvaginal Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery (vNOTES): The Time has Come
Danielle E. LucianoSurgical StrategiesPre-Operative Planning with Office Ultrasound: A Framework for Better Outcomes
Kristinell KeilProlapse RepairRecognition and Surgical Management of Vaginal Vault Prolapse
Linda M. NicollTissue ExtractionTissue Extraction Techniques
Thomas L. LyonsProlapse RepairLaparovaginal Culpopoesis: The Adamyan Procedure
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